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I can't wait til exams are done.

I will be done this Saturday and then I will blissfully watch Supernatural for as many days straight as I want. 
And I swear, I will finish the McKirk fic that I'm sooososososo close to finishing (that I haven't made progress on in like more than 2 months).. and I'm gonna post some mcshep drabbles and maybe even type up my novel of a merthur fic that i wrote out like a year ago on little papers at work and was too lazy to put on my computer after i had scribbled it all down. 

SO MUCH MOTIVATION. WHEN I HAVE NO TIME. I'll try not to lose it all once exams are done. 

SGA - Fan made season 6!

Originally posted by hoktauri at Welcome!
This is a community for those who want to see a sixth season of Stargate: Atlantis, done up fan-style. The full series of Season Six will be published in serial form beginning Friday, September 28th, with a full-season, twenty-episode run; it will have a full season-arc and all the requisite two-parters, team!stories, opportunities for your favorite character to be awesome, a return to Pegasus, and deus ex machinas that any given season entails.

The series will be written by hoktauri and preview art for each fic will be created by various fandom community members, to be announced.

This community also welcomes ALL members to post! Please share fics, meta, speculation, art, vids, and picspams on what YOU think happened after the sun set on the San Francisco Bay the day Atlantis landed on Earth.

Please do not post any fanworks here that take place before series end. Alternate realities, universes and timelines are welcome and encouraged, as long as they take place post-season five! You can also take the Season Six series as "canon" within this community and write what you think happens behind the scenes, what should happen next, what should have happened instead.... I'd say the sky's the limit, but really, feel free to go beyond that, too! :-D

Desert Heat (A McShep Fic)

Title: Desert Heat
Pairing: John/Rodney
Rating: R
Word Count: ~3500
Disclaimer: I don't own any of these characters. 
Summary: What I believe to have happened after the episode "Vegas" ended.

Also available on my AO3

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Magic Reveal Headcanon (PG Merthur)

I found this headcanon I had written on my tumblr!
Minor season 4 spoilers.

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Enough For Now

Title: Enough For Now
Pairing: McCoy/Kirk
Rating: PG
Summary: Bones might be in a little denial. 

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Brolin drabble

Just some Brolin drabble I wrote a while ago because I sometimes I see pictures of Colin and wonder how there would be any way Bradley's not in love with him. 

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A bit self conscious of my writing!

I made an LJ account to post my writing but now I'm a bit too self-conscious about it. I AM CURRENTLY REREADING MY MCSHEP FIC. and nobody will probably even read it ever. so i don't know why I'm afraid of posting. OH WELL. ILL POST IT I WILL ILL JUST DO IT AND GET IT OVER WITH. 


Taste (G rated Merthur drabble)

Title: Taste
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters.
Author's note: I wrote this a long time ago thinking I would make it into a longer fic but decided I would just leave it as is.

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McShep fluff

A little something I left for my friend in her inbox.

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Feb. 25th, 2012

I have no idea how to use LiveJournal yet! Luckily some awesome people are going to help me out. But I'll be posting a McKirk or McShep fic real soon!